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Frequently sought help

  • What is an online store ID, and when do I need it?
    When you become a cafe24 member, you receive a free online store ID.
    Log in to cafe24 (https://www.cafe24.com), and go to My services to check your store ID.

    You can use your online store ID to test your apps as an admin.
    To test your apps on your online store, you must know what your online store ID is.
  • Do I have to use the OAuth security methods?
    If you develop your apps through cafe24 Developers, to call online store solution APIs (except for storefront APIs), you need to use security methods that comply with OAuth 2.0 standards. OAuth 2.0 is the internationally recommended security standards adopted by many global companies.
  • Do I have to deliver source codes after app development?
    If you develop your app through cafe24 Developers, you do not have to deliver the source codes. Instead, you need to provide services directly from your servers.
    Accordingly, source code maintenance and management are your responsibilities.
  • Which programing language does cafe24 Developers support?
    We support all available programing languages.
    This means app developers can use the programing languages of their choices.
    If you have any questions or encounter problems while developing your app, please contact cafe24's Tech Support Team. We will do our best to help you.
  • Do I have to become a cafe24 member to sell my apps on the cafe24 App Store?
    Only cafe24 members can sign up and register on cafe24 Developers.
    You do not have to use other services we offer such as web hosting, and online store services, etc. However, once you sign up, you have access to your own online store to test your apps free of charge.
  • I want to update my app, what should I do?
    cafe24 Developers allows app developers to update their apps anytime they want. However, since users may file complaints if you scale down or remove some of your app features, you must notify your users in advance.
  • Do I have to offer free trial periods for my apps?
    Offering free trials to online store owners can prevent unnecessary issues such as requests for refunds. Also, you will see a difference in your sales between selling your apps with free trial periods and without.
    We recommend you to provide free trial periods for your apps. You can choose how long you want to offer your apps for free.
  • Where can I find more APIs?
    Every week, cafe24 Developers update and provide new APIs.
    If you can';t find the API you are looking for, send a request, and we will do our best to provide you the API as soon as possible.

    * To submit your request, go to cafe24 Developers admin > Development support > Tech support
  • How can I join cafe24 Developers?
    You can use the same ID and password issued by cafe24';s integrated ID management system on cafe24 Developers.
    Sign up on cafe24 webpage (https://www.cafe24.com) and agree to the cafe24 Developers Terms and Conditions to start developing your app.
    In general, we are very open to developers to help them develop and sell apps through our platform. However, your access may be restricted if issues occur while using our services.
    Both individuals and business entities can sign up and get access to cafe24 Developers.
  • How can I apply to a PG service?
    Please refer to the following URLs for detailed information on setting up PGs or for a list of PG providers by country.
  • Can an individual without a business license sign up and sell apps on cafe24 Developers?
    Yes, individuals without business licenses can join cafe24 Developers and sell apps.
  • What is the transaction fees for merchants?
    App sales profits(100%) are distributed between developers(85%) and cafe24(15% as commission fees). Commission fees refer to credit card processing fees, PG fees, etc. cafe24 reinvests a part of the commission fees back into marketing your apps.
  • What is the merchant payout schedule?
    Payout occurs once on the 5th of every month.
    Merchants can request to have the sum of their choice transferred from their online PayPal accounts to their bank accounts in Korean Won (KRW). These payout requests are usually processed within 7 to 10 business days.
    Details regarding subscription to PayPal can be found in Developers Console > Developers settings > Mail order sales registration number and payment services > PayPal subscription.
  • Which payment plans and options for paid apps does cafe24 Developers offer?
    We offer single, daily, and monthly payment plans.
    Set up your billing methods in line with your policy—simply and easily—with our automated billing system. Then, our system will automatically process your payments when needed.

    In terms of payment options, we accept credit cards.