Dialogue has achieved a high sales rate by providing its customers with a more diverse and
individualized shopping experience, and we’ll be learning more about the company’s strategy from Omri Katz, the CEO of Dialogue.
We now begin our interview with Dialogue, which has maintained a partnership with many global brands that are operating in Korea.
Q. Hello! It’s nice to meet you. Could you briefly introduce yourself?
A. Hi, my name is Omri Katz and I currently reside in Tel Aviv, Israel. I grew up with an experience in IT from a very early age, learning how to code when I was 14 and completing my service in the Israeli army as an IT specialist. Even though I later studied law and business at university, I ended up changing my major because of my undying interest in IT.
For the past 3 years, I’ve served as the CEO of Dialogue, a firm offering e-commerce user-optimized platform for S/M companies.
Before that, I also operated 2 startup firms specialized in supporting mobile transactions and boosting session times on web traffic.
I also took on the role of an online seller, gaining first-hand experience in drop shipping.
So, I have a good understanding of the challenges being faced sellers, and I’m working to develop solutions that can resolve these issues.

Q. It is interesting to hear that you were well-immersed in the field of IT from a very early age. It almost feels like you were born for it.
Please tell us more about Dialogue as a company, and its optimized platform for S/M companies.
A. I started observing products on the market from the perspective of a customer who is interested in products on technologies that are offered on e-commerce websites.
From that experience, I came to understand that most of the products on the market appeared very similar, and I believed that I could bring improvements in this regard by leveraging my knowledge in IT.

I have had experience helping publishers generate more engagement through content, and have also felt the challenges of being a seller in my time as a dropshipper.
Based on these experiences, I started Dialogue in hopes of supporting the business growth of sellers in a simple and easy way using advanced technology.
Personalization is a concept that had already existed in the market for a long time, but it was the exclusive domain of large companies. Big firm were able to enjoy this advantage because they had the necessary manpower, resources and specialization to invest the time and knowledge in optimizing the performance of their e-commerce platforms.
But these kinds of resources are not available to S/M businesses with limited time and budgets. This is where Dialogue comes into play, providing S/M business operators with the same level of technology that was only available previously to large e-commerce giants.

Q. Leveling the technological playing field between large e-commerce firms and SMBs sounds like an ambitious goal.
Could you go into more detail on the services offered by Dialogue?
A. Dialogue will be easy to use for S/M businesses. It does not require a lot of resources for maintenance and repair and most of the functions are automated, taking only minutes to install and set up.
It also doesn’t require any specialists for maintenance and repair, an attractive proposition for S/M businesses looking to save costs.
Dialogue covers all pages of a website, ranging from product category, details, shopping carts and order confirmation, from the very moment users access an online store.
This also provides us with data that allows user-optimized shopping environments for higher a sales conversion rate.

In general, large e-commerce giants usually have a sales conversion rate that is in the double-digit percentage range, as opposed to that of S/M businesses at only 2 to 3%.
Dialogue is looking to narrow that gap through technology such as machine learning, collecting ana analyzing user data through an algorithm named Dialogue User Journey.
Dialogue User Journey collects and analyzes all user actions in real-time, categorizing each into separate user profiles.
The amount of data collected has also raised the need for better cybersecurity, and there’s no need to worry as we’re taking many precautions in this regard.

Q. They all sound very attractive for sellers, especially the easy set-up, cybersecurity, and higher sales conversion rates.
What were your main priorities in the development stage?
A. We tried to understand the intent behind user behaviors the best we can. Also, another way that Dialogue can help sellers is to provide an asset package that can be integrated into all webpages, and influence the customer experience of users that access them. Automation can not only display content such as promotion banners and sales catalogues, but also personalized messages to the users that can encourage more sales.
Basically, every element that can be user-personalized is derived through assets from Dialogue’s recommendation engine.

As mentioned previously, the entire process is automated and continuously optimized for the website in question.
Users without coding knowledge can enjoy all of our features simply by installing Dialogue’s app.

Sellers have one of two options.
1. Manual Setup
Assets can be selected manually from Dialogue’s package to provide a better shopping experience to their users.
2. Automated Use (Dialogue’s specialty)
Websites are analyzed by Dialogue, and customized assets are generated and placed in optimal locations within the seller’s website.

Dialogue also offers 1-on-1, dedicated customer support services for premium accounts.

Q. From Dialogue’s perspective, what are the unique advantages of Cafe24?
A. From a business standpoint, Cafe24 were very cooperative, and we were able to proceed quickly with our project because they were so prompt with their responses whenever we had a question.
Or Lavee, who works in Dialogue’s R&;D team, says that working with Cafe24 was a delightful experience from a tech support point of view.
Also, Cafe24’s tech support and its open attitude towards new ideas made us very satisfied while working together.
Hopefully, we can maintain this relationship heading into the future and roll out more new features.

Q. It was also a pleasure on our part to work together with Dialogue.
Is there anything that you’re eagerly anticipating from Cafe24?
A. We are keeping close tabs on Cafe24’s potential market within Southeast Asia and most notably South Korea.
Korea’s e-commerce market is very dynamic, and we believe there to be many Small and Mid-sized businesses (SMBs) within.
At this point, many SMB operators in Korea may not be aware of Dialogue, but we believe our company can be of great assistance in boosting their sales.
There are firms in Israel that saw their sales triple through the support of Dialogue, and we’re confident that we can replicate that same success for SMBs that are based in Korea.
We selected Cafe24 as a partner firm because it’s a leader in Korea’s e-commerce market that could help us break into the Korean market, and eventually the Southeast Asian market as well.
It is our belief that cooperation between Cafe24 and Dialogue can generate a huge synergy effect, when we pool together our unique individual strengths.

Q. Thank you very much for the answers.
What are your future plans moving forward?
A Dialogue is planning to launch another app on Cafe24’s app store.
We want to provide a variety of personalization tools to Cafe24 store operators
that allow them to create better shopping environments for their customers.