Poptin has been making waves among Cafe24 merchants following its launch back in July.
We take this opportunity today to speak to Gal Dubinski, the founder of Poptin, which is available in 155 countries and also the first global web developer to offer its services on Cafe24’s Korean app store.
Let’s begin our interview.
Hello, it’s nice to meet you.
Please introduce yourself and your company.
Gal : Hi, my name is Gal Dubinski and I’m the founder of Poptin.
I first started the company around 10 years ago along with Tomer Aharon. We had been friends since high school, so we’ve known each for more than 20 years now.
We started off as a digital agency, engaging in CRO, SEO, A/B tests, PPC and optimization, while also creating and promoting websites.
But, we always had thoughts about creating a digital product of our own.
* Poptin homepage
After a few failed attempts, we launched Poptin 4 years ago and it became a huge success. Even now, Tomer Aharon and I still play an outsized role in the firm’s operations.
Of course, we have a lot of great people in our team, but when it comes to rolling out competitive products and allowing our firm to grow, Tomer and I are still responsible for most of the heavy lifting.
It’s inspiring to hear a story of two high school friends starting a company together and achieving their dreams.
Now, could you tell us more about Poptin and the services it offers?
Gal : Poptin allows users to easily create pop ups and templates for your website in under 3 minutes without any coding knowledge. Its greatest advantage is that it can maximize the turnover of your web traffic. It features a trigger that you can use to retain your customers and settings that will show your users a variety of different pop-ups rather than the same one repeatedly.
It has also an A/B test function that can be used in under 1 minute to help you find the most effective results. It has a very easy-to-use interface that allows users to create pop-ups and templates using our drag and drop feature. You don’t need any training to change the background and add images, texts and buttons to your pop-ups.
What did you think about your experience of working together with Cafe24?
Gal : Cafe24 has a great API documentation, which made it easier for us to work with them. The documentation was also excellent as well. They were quick to answer any queries and provide the necessary assistance, so the link-up process was a joy to experience.
There’s not a single thing that left us wanting. It was excellent, especially when compared to working with other providers. When it comes to documentation, it’s hard to be 100% accurate, but again we felt no inconvenience because they were so prompt with their response whenever we had a question.
It’s relieving and also flattering to hear that your experience of working with Cafe24 was a smooth one.
What is the Cafe24’s biggest competitive advantage and selling point in your view?
Gal : First off, Cafe24 is Korea’s number one e-commerce solutions provider and having such a platform gives them a great advantage. E-commerce platforms are some of the best clients for our own firm, and I believe Cafe24 store operators and Poptin share a win-win relationship.
I see. So, what are you hoping to gain from working with Cafe24?
Gal : Poptin is used by people across the world, but we haven’t secured a pool of users in Korea and Japan. We want to use Cafe24 as a springboard to enter the Korean market.
* Poption on Cafe24 Store
Our services are based in English right now, so resolving the language issue is the most important task as it could pose significant challenges for online store owners on Cafe24.
We’ve tried using the service ourselves and the user-friendly interface made it so easy to use, regardless of the language it’s in. Still, we’re trying to remove any entry barriers there may be through manuals and video tutorials that are in Korean.
What’s your company’s next plan?
Gal : We are concentrating on localization efforts in the Korean language. We believe this is of utmost importance, but the nature of our service means that doing so could take quite a long time.
We’re also preparing to roll out 2 different apps, which are already in use by more than 100,000 websites across the world. We can’t give you a firm release date because we’re not sure yet, but they will be released at some point.