Terms of Use

Cafe24 Partners Terms of Use

  1. 1. Purpose

    The Terms of Use set out below (“Terms”) are between Cafe24 Corp. (“Cafe24,” “we” or “us”) and users of Cafe24 Partners (“users”, “you” or “Partner”), and define their rights and obligations, as well as other necessary matters regarding the use of the relevant service. These Terms are aimed at protecting the mutual rights and interests of all parties and contributing to mutual prosperity.

  2. 2. Definitions
    1. ① The following terms shall be defined as follows with these Terms of Use:
      1. 1. “Cafe24 Partners” (“Service”) shall mean the service provided by Cafe24, where users can create and register Apps, Themes, Experts, and Channel goods and services for sale.
      2. 2. “Trading Channel” shall mean the Apps, Themes, Experts, and Recipe services as a virtual trading space where a Partner can sell their goods and services to Clients.
      3. 3. “Apps” shall mean apps that a Partner develops and sells.
      4. 4. “Themes” shall mean theme products (Smart, Global, WordPress, Website, Elements, etc.), themes for mobile online stores, or theme source codes that a Partner creates and sells.
      5. 5. “Experts” shall mean the service where Clients are matched with experts for various tasks such as building and operating of online stores.
      6. 6. “Recipe” shall mean a program that configures one or more channels as triggers and actions and implements them as a form of instructions.
      7. 7. ”Account” shall mean the account that is created once you create an account according to the procedures we have established.
      8. 8. “Client” shall mean a person who buys the goods or services of a Partner through a Trade Channel.
      9. 9. “Price” shall mean the amount registered by the Partner as the price of the goods or services.
      10. 10. “Home page” shall mean the website operated by us where Terms and Conditions for each service related to these Terms are posted, and users can apply and manage services.
    2. ② Any terms that are not mentioned in the previous paragraph shall be construed in accordance with Cafe24’s service guide or commercial practices.
  3. 3. Publishing and Amending of Terms
    1. ① These terms will be published on our website’s home page to ensure that you can easily find them.
    2. ② If the Terms change, we will notify you of the changes seven (7) days prior to the effective date by posting a notice that includes the reason for revision and the effective date on our home page or pages linked to the latter.
    3. ③ By not disagreeing to the changes, despite the fact that we clearly mention in the previously mentioned paragraph that no expression of disagreement before the effective date will be understood as an agreement to the changes, you are expressing your consent with the new Terms. If you do not agree to the modified Terms, you may cancel your Service Use Agreement.
    4. ④ We reserve the right to define different Terms and Conditions and operating policies for each service, and you must comply with them.
  4. 4. Establishing the Service Use Agreement
    1. ① After you accept these Terms and sign up for the use of Cafe24 Partners, we will screen your application and conclude a Service Use Agreement.
    2. ② We consider the information of the Account (ID), created through sign-up, to be the user’s information, and determine the holder of the Account (ID) to be the contracting party to this contract.
    3. ③ We may not conclude a Service Use Agreement in the following cases:
      1. 1. If you apply for a service using fraudulent or other people’s information;
      2. 2. If you forget to submit or do not submit necessary information or documents, or if they contain false information;
      3. 3. If you have a history of having violated a contract related to any of our services or if you have any remaining unpaid bills;
      4. 4. If you are a child aged 14 or under who has signed up without the approval of a legal representative;
      5. 5. If you apply on the basis of obscene information or information that violates social norms;
      6. 6. If we are unable to approve your application due to reasons attributable to you, or for other reasons that do not comply with our operating policies; or
      7. 7. If you do not comply with our regulations or we suspect that concluding a Service Use Agreement will have a negative impact on Cafe24’s business.
    4. ④ We may postpone the conclusion of the Service Use Agreement in the following cases:
      1. 1. In case of national state of emergency, such as natural disasters and war;
      2. 2. If we are in a difficult situation for a reason that hinders the performance of our tasks;
      3. 3. If it becomes difficult to maintain quality, or if we lack in necessary material or human resources; or,
      4. 4. If it becomes difficult for us to offer stable services because of other reasons.
    5. ⑤ If a situation described in paragraph 3 or 4 herein occurs after we have entered a Service Use Agreement, we may withdraw our consent to the aforementioned Agreement through prior notice in accordance with Article 6 herein.
  5. 5. Protection of Personal Information

    We take on necessary administrative and technical measures to secure the safety of personal information in accordance with laws related to personal information, and to protect your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  6. 6. Notifying Partners

    Unless otherwise specified outside of these Terms, when sending out notices, we will notify you through email or SMS to the contact information you shared with us. However, in the case of a notice to all or many users, we may post the information on our website’s “Notices” section for at least 7 (seven) days instead of sending direct notices.

  7. 7. Initiation of Service
    1. ① We will begin the services after completing the preset procedures as long as there are no special circumstances. However, if we cannot directly begin the services, we will notify you of the reason and the date of launch according to Article 6 herein.
    2. ② We will provide our services 24/7 unless we encounter business or technical issues. However, in case of periodic inspections or system upgrades, we may temporarily interrupt Cafe24 Partners’s services and give you prior notice in accordance with Article 6 herein.
  8. 8. Composition of Service
    1. ① Under these Terms, we provide the following services at Cafe24 Partners, and Terms and Conditions for each service are attached hereto as exhibits.
      1. 1. Apps
      2. 2. Themes
      3. 3. Experts
      4. 4. Recipe
      5. 5. Sales
      6. 6. Operations
      7. 7. Other services provided by us
    2. ② We reserve the right to newly organize or modify Cafe24 Partners and its Terms by giving prior notice according to Article 6 herein.
    3. ③ Any undefined terms shall be governed by information for each service on the Home page.
  9. 9. Use of Service
    1. ① You must completely understand and comply with our conditions of use and policies of each service in these Terms or our Home page before using Cafe24 Partners.
    2. ② You can use Cafe24 Partners after logging in with an Account granted to you under the online store service Terms of Use.
    3. ③ You may sell your own goods or services using the system provided by us, and shall pay the fees for using the service.
    4. ④ We will, at our discretion, categorize and display goods and services according to their characteristics. Timing of initial sales may vary depending on the nature of the goods and services.
    5. ⑤ You must comply with the service’s refund policy. If you need to refund a payment due to termination or modification of an agreement, the Partner shall directly contact and arrange an agreement with the Client as a principle. However any fees arising from the transaction that is already paid to Cafe24 shall not be refunded.
    6. ⑥ Any refunds made in accordance with the previously mentioned paragraph shall be made within ten (10) business days from the day the refund was requested or confirmed.
    7. ⑦ If the a Client’s refund request is received by us, we will notify you of this request, and you must respond to the Client’s request within seven (7) days. If there is no response within ten (10) days from the date of the notification, we will issue a refund to the Client, and the refund amount may be deducted from any payments due to be paid to you, or charged separately.
    8. ⑧ If you are enable to make a transaction due to technical/administrative problems, you must notify the us and the Client, and take action according to our instructions.
  10. 10. Service Fees
    1. ① Service fees for using the services shall be 15% (excluding VAT) of the transaction value. However, different service fees may be set for each service during the review process. Individually set fees are determined through a separate agreement between you and Cafe24.
    2. ② Service fees in accordance to this article shall be deducted from the sales proceeds. We shall provide the related documentations (tax invoice, invoice, other supporting documents) to you according to the set schedule.
    3. ③ We reserve the right to change the service fee for existing services or add additional service fees for new services. We shall notify you in advance of any changes in accordance with Article 6.
  11. 11. Payment of Sales Proceeds
    1. ① Payments for goods and services generated through Cafe24 Partners shall be paid to you by Cafe24 or a third-party payment agency designated by us in accordance with our payment standards.
    2. ② We may require you to sign up or enter into a contract with us or a third-party payment agency designated by us as a precondition for using the services. If necessary, we may request a copy of your business registration certificate, corporate (or representative's) bankbook, corporate/individual seal certificate, etc.
    3. ③ We are not be liable if payment of sales proceeds are withheld due to your violation of terms and conditions or policies of the third-party payment agency.
    4. ④ You must register a bank account in your name when registering an account for receiving payment of sales proceeds. You must change your information immediately if there are any changes to your bank account. We are not liable for any issues arising from payments to your bank account due to failure of the aforementioned.
    5. ⑤ Service fees, payment processing fees, and taxes will be automatically deducted from your sales proceeds, and then the remaining will be paid to you. We shall provide the related documentations (settlement statement and other supporting documents) to you according to the set schedule.
    6. ⑥ We may withhold payment of sales proceeds if the Client files a claim or any other reasons for withholding payment.
    7. ⑦ Notwithstanding this article, if there is a separate agreement between you and Cafe24, the separate agreement shall prevail over these Terms.
  12. 12. Our Rights and Obligations
    1. ① We provide Cafe24 Partners in good faith so that that users can use it reliably.
    2. ② We will strive to maintain the facilities and equipment for Cafe24 Partners regularly/from time to time, and repair or restore any failure in a timely manner.
    3. ③ As an e-commerce business, we may create and implement various policies to safeguard fair trade and transactions in our services.
    4. ④ We may delegate payment obligations to a third-party agency in order to secure a safe transaction.
    5. ⑤ We may collect information relative to service usage such as usage history, sales, and the number of users to use it as statistical data. We can use this data to support the users’ service usage or to help us provide more efficient services.
    6. ⑥ If you fail to answer any contact from us (more than two (2) attempts; once every two (2) days), we may directly refund the sales proceeds to the Client, deduct it from your sales proceeds, or charge you separately.
    7. ⑦ We may delete information on your goods or services or terminate the contract with you if your goods or services are judge to be illegal, or a government agency, such as the Korea Communications Standards Commission, grants a restriction notice or order against your goods or services.
    8. ⑧ We may submit your data if it is required under the law or regulation such as the Telecommunications Business Act, or if a government agency requests such information. We may also submit your data to a government agency for investigation if we suspect any illegal activities through our monitoring, report by a third party, or lawsuit, and we may restrict your use of our services.
  13. 13. Your Rights and Obligations
    1. ① You have the rights to use Cafe24 Partners under the set conditions we provide.
    2. ② You are responsible for preventing the ID and password provided to you from being leaked. You must also not transfer or lease your ID or password to another party without our consent.
    3. ③ You shall operate and manage your sales using our service under your own judgment and fulfill your obligations as a trading partner with your clients.
    4. ④ You shall respond to inquiries from clients with kindness and in good faith, and shall not make unreasonable requests or force clients to act.
    5. ⑤ You shall operate and manage your goods and services under your own responsibility, and make effort to safeguard your goods and services from any illegal acts.
    6. ⑥ You shall provide clients with accurate product descriptions. You shall be responsible and liable for any and all issues in related to such descriptions.
    7. ⑦ In the even that goods or services are not provided to the client due to technical difficulties, you shall take appropriate measures, such as re-sending of goods, immediately.
    8. ⑧ You shall sell goods and services that can be used normally in a standard environment.
    9. ⑨ You shall comply with laws and regulations when collecting a Client’s personal information, and take administrative and technical measures to ensure the protection of the client's personal information. When the purpose of use is achieve, the personal information must be destroyed immediately. You shall submit any security-related information/documentation if we request it.
    10. ⑩ You shall abide by the terms and conditions and pricing of goods and services registered by you on Cafe24 Partners.
    11. ⑪ If your goods or services are subject to age restriction control, you shall indicate the age, and if the goods or services contain adult material. You must comply with measures such as access restriction landing pages and age verification in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    12. ⑫ You shall register goods or services that are originally created by you and must not infringe on existing copyrights (including, but not limited to, goods or services that contain valid licenses). If there is a potential copyright problem, even if you the works are your own, or you want to register photos and images of celebrities or people, you must notify us in advance and obtain permission.
    13. ⑬ You must store data and images of your goods in more than one (1) location to prevent loss of data. We are not responsible or liable for loss of data of your goods or services whatsoever.
  14. 14. Management of Security System and Related Obligations
    1. ① We may patch relevant Partner information and parts in case of serious security issues caused by program defect/failures or related incidents that need urgent attention.
    2. ② You must not carry out any of the following acts that could threaten our security or that of other users:
      1. 1. Propagate malicious programs such as computer viruses;
      2. 2. Scan Cafe24 Partners and other systems for vulnerabilities and other illegal intrusions;
      3. 3. Disturb our regular services by causing a large amount of traffic; or,
      4. 4. Other infringing acts that interfere with our business.
    3. ③ You must immediately notify us if you detect any anomaly within the information system or an infringement accident occurs as you use it.
    4. ④ You must keep your contact information up to date so that we can contact you at all times in case of an emergency.
    5. ⑤ We reserve the right to perform or implement necessary security measures without notice, or may notify you after security measures are implemented.
  15. 15. Providing Information and Publishing Advertisements
    1. ① We will publish guides and policies for our services on our Home Page.
    2. ② With your consent, we may provide you with various information through email or SMS. However, consent is not required for matters regarding transactions and client inquiries.
    3. ③ We may publish advertisements in relation to the operation of services on our website and our different service pages.
    4. ④ You must not arbitrarily change posts or other information related to services provided by us.
    5. ⑤ We are not responsible or liable for the content of any advertisement on our Home Page. We do not warrant, expressed or implied, quality or content of the subject matter of any advertisement on our Home Page.
  16. 16. Intellectual Property Rights and Infringements
    1. ① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights in relation to our Cafe24 Partners belong to Cafe24.
    2. ② We may use your posts or images for publicity or promotional activities for Cafe24 Partners or other services.
    3. ③ You are not permitted to copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or sell anything we provide (information, technology, documents, system, services, etc.) without our prior consent, or use it for a commercial purpose we have not approved.
  17. 17. Suspension of Service
    1. ① We reserve the right to suspend provision of our services without prior notice in the following situations:
      1. 1. If urgent inspection is required for maintenance;
      2. 2. If there is a problem affecting normal use of the website, such as a power outage, equipment failure, or a network congestion;
      3. 3. If there is a failure due to unforeseen circumstances, such as hardware failure or the system is down;
      4. 4. If the service is interrupted due to an external telecommunication company, electric power company, or a common telecommunications business operator;
      5. 5. If there is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack or other external intrusions;
      6. 6. If there are malicious programs such as computer viruses being propagated or being used to attack or hack the server;
      7. 7. If there is a national state of emergency, such as natural disasters and war; or
      8. 8. If it becomes impossible for us to provide our services for operational reasons.
    2. ② Cafe24 shall not be liable for any damages suffered due to service suspension under this Article whatsoever.
  18. 18. Restriction of Use
    1. ① We reserve the right to restrict use of services or delete your goods or services after giving you prior notice in the following situations:
      1. 1. If the information you provided is not accurate;
      2. 2. If the goods or services differ from the goods or services submitted for review;
      3. 3. If a client or third-party reports any illegal content in your goods or services;
      4. 4. If five (5) or more sales complaints or refund requests are submitted within a 24 hour period;
      5. 5. 2. If we cannot contact you with the contact information you provided (more than two (2) attempts; once every two (2) days);
      6. 6. If we have contact you regarding copyright infringement but you fail to respond within three (3) business days;
      7. 7. If you sell goods or services that contain harmful matter, such as obscene material or false information;
      8. 8. If you use Cafe24 Partners for illegal purposes;
      9. 9. If you use Cafe24 Partners to hack, attack services, or distribute malicious programs;
      10. 10. If you delegate your obligations and rights to a third party without prior consent;
      11. 11. If you defame or insult others;
      12. 12. If you interfere with the work of other partners or companies;
      13. 13. If you send advertisements against the recipient’s will; or
      14. 14. If you violate a clause from these Terms of Use.
    2. ② Partner may apply for the reverse of restriction to Company, and Company shall have discretion on reversal. Company will only reverse the restriction if Company finds that reversal of restriction is reasonably justified. However, any deleted post, goods or services will not be recovered.
    3. ③ Company shall not be responsible or liable for any damages occurred due to restriction under this Article 18 whatsoever.
  19. 19. Termination of Agreement
    1. ① You may express your intent to terminate your Service Use Agreement by making a request to us at any time. Unless special circumstances occur, we will terminate the Agreement as soon as possible after you submit your request. However, if there are usage fees that remain unpaid, you must pay the fees according to the procedures we decided upon.
    2. ② We reserve the right to terminate the Agreement with a notice in the following situations:
      1. 1. If we receive an order from a government agency to terminate the agreement;
      2. 2. If you commit an act that violates public policy;
      3. 3. If you have seen your usage restricted twice in one (1) year;
      4. 4. If we have requested that you correct a matter, but a correction is not made within seven (7) days from the date of the request;
      5. 5. If we find that you no longer wish to sell goods or services, or you fail to respond to a client within reason time without a cause;
      6. 6. If you add an link to an external site or integrate another website without our consent;
      7. 7. If you collect or use a client’s personal information for unauthorized purposes; or
      8. 8. If the description of the registered goods or services are false.
    3. ③ Termination of agreement under this Article shall not affect claims for damages.
    4. ④ Even if this agreement is terminated, you shall assume full responsibility for any and all goods or services sold under these Terms.
  20. 20. Compensation for Damages
    1. ① We are each liable for damages caused to one another by violating these Terms for reasons attributable to ourselves. However, damages caused by the suspension of services or failures shall be compensated by taking into account the characteristics of the Internet environment as follows:
      • - If a service is suspended or a failure occurs for more than four (4) hours, the amount of relevant damages shall be calculated by taking the average usage fee paid on a daily basis over the three (3) months (or the relevant period if you had not yet used the service for three (3) months) preceding the suspension of the service or the failure, dividing it by 24 hours, then multiplying the result by the number of hours during which the service was suspended or the failure occurred, then multiplying the resulting amount by 3. The hours of service interruption or failure shall be calculated from the point you notice us of the issue.
    2. ② Notwithstanding this paragraph, we are not liable for any damages caused to users by affiliate services and free services that we do not operate directly.
  21. 21. Limitation of Liability
    1. ① We are not the representative of either the Partner or Client in a transaction between the Partner and Client, and shall not be responsible for the transaction of a Partner’s goods or services, including but not limited to, the information of goods or services registered by the Partner.
    2. ② The scope of this service is to provide an online market place for both partners and clients to conduct trade, and any and all responsibilities and liabilities in relation to transaction, trade, sales, client's fulfillment of payment obligations, customer management, customer service, refund/exchange/return shall be borne by the Partner and Client.
    3. ③ We do not guarantee in any way the existence or authenticity of the intention of purchase or selling in relation to the transactions between users and vendors made within the system we provide; the registered goods and services’ quality, integrity, safety, legality or non-infringement of others’ rights; the truth or legitimacy of information entered by users or vendors or documents posted in spaces linked through such information; and we are not responsible for any risks and damages related to this.
    4. ④ We are not liable for any damages arising from the expected revenue or obtained data while using Cafe24 Partners.
    5. ⑤ We are not liable for services we provide free of charge unless there are special regulations in relevant laws.
  22. 22. Governing Law and Dispute Settlement
    1. ① All the disputes arising from or relating to these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.
    2. ② All the disputes arising from or relating to these Terms, shall be settled through mutual agreement between you and Cafe24. However, if a dispute cannot be resolved, the dispute shall be resolved by an arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration board. The arbitration shall be conducted in Seoul, South Korea, and the language of arbitration shall be Korean.
  23. 23. Other Terms and Conditions
    1. Any matters not specified in these Terms shall be subject to our service instructions and related laws and regulations.
[Additional Clause]

These Terms of Use shall take effect on February 12, 2020.

These Terms of Use shall take effect on September 9, 2021.

These Terms of Use shall take effect on August 30, 2022.

The Terms of Use prior to the enforcement of this Terms of Use shall be replaced by these Terms of Use.

Exhibit 1. Apps

Terms for using Apps are as follows:

  1. ① You shall register information of the Apps you want to develop, and use the API keys provided by us to develop your Apps.
  2. ② You must comply with our API guide and API operation policy when developing Apps. Our API guide and operation policy can be found at:
  3. ③ You must test your Apps using the testing feature provided on our Service before applying for the review. Up to five (5) Apps can be registered for tests, and each App can be installed on up to five (5) online stores.
  4. ④ We may request additional information for the review process, and you shall provide them promptly and actively cooperate with our request.
  5. ⑤ We will review your Apps and check for legality, quality, profanity, explicit content, compliance and potential issues against our policies and notify you of the results within reasonable time. However, even if the App has successfully passed the review process, this shall not be construed as confirmation or warranty of safety and legality of the App. We reserve the right to suspend sales after notifying you in accordance with Article 6 if we discover any violations.
  6. ⑥ If you wish to sell your Apps on Cafe24 Store, you shall register your App’s basic information (Language, Name, URL, permissions, verification) and sales information (Display information, Description, Payment, Provision of product information, etc.) fairly and accurately.
  7. ⑦ We will, at our discretion, categorize and display goods and services to customers. Timing of initial sales may vary depending on the nature of the goods and services.
  8. ⑧ You shall shall minimize the collection of personal information in Apps and you must publish information regarding Apps (Fees, Customer Services, Terms of use, Paid information) in the most convenient method possible to the Client. You shall obtain consent from the Client for collecting the Client’s personal information. If you collect personal information that is not needed or required under the law, we may suspend the sales of your App or remove the App from the Service without prior warning. We are not responsible or liable for any violation of privacy acts by you.

Exhibit 2. Themes

Terms for using Themes are as follow:

  1. ① "Sample store” shall mean a sample created based on an online store, such as Smart themes, Global themes, or Mobile store themes.
  2. ② You may create a sample store or a sample website by using the service provided by us.
  3. ③ You may freely set the scope of usage for your themes. If a license has been granted (including domain) is changed due to a service upgrade, the license must be transferred free of charge and made available for use.
  4. ④ You shall operate and manage your sample stores and sample websites (including deletion of data) in good faith.
  5. ⑤ You must register a product for sale within 90 days from the creation of the sample store or sample website. If the product for sale is not registered within 90 days after it is created, the sample store or sample website will be automatically deleted.
  6. ⑥ You shall create a product website for each order and proceed with the customization work. The product website is automatically deleted upon expiry (30 days after the end of the transaction or six (6) months after its creation). However, if work is carried out for more than six (6) months, you must apply for an extension one (1) month before the expiry date. Deleted product websites cannot be restored.
  7. ⑦ If your product includes services, you must clarify the proportion of goods to services, and include a detailed price breakdown between each good and service. If this is not stated, the ratio of goods to services is determined as 30% goods and 70% services. However, if the actual value of the goods is less than 30%, the breakdown shall be readjusted accordingly.
  8. ⑧ You must fairly and accurately publish your product description (Price, Terms of Sale, Work period), and comply with the product description in good faith.
  9. ⑨ You must not request additional charges for reasons such as extensions or delay or works without the Client’s prior consent.
  10. ⑩ Please be aware that creation or copying of sample stores, sample websites, or product websites may take some time or be delayed depending on the server status.
  11. ⑪ You may use Cafe24’s escrow transaction service provided by us. The following escrow transaction policy will be applied if you choose to use this service:

    [Escrow Transaction Payments Policy]

  12. ⑫ Service fees for using Cafe24's escrow transaction service will be determined by us, and will be automatically deducted when sales proceeds are settled.
  13. ⑬ You shall deliver the Themes to the Client within three (3)s from which the payment is complete.
  14. ⑭ Refunds shall be as follows, but a Partner may implement their own refund policy in lieu of the following:
    1. 1. Products that do not contain a service (simple copying work or providing an original work only: Can be refunded before the first copy is delivered or first download is made
    2. 2. Products that contain a service (customization)
      • - Goods: The first copy is delivered or first download is made
      • - Service: The portion of the service that is not provided to Client may be refunded
      • (Total amount of the service fee shall be divided by the total service period to calculate the daily rate for the service fee, then any unearned fees shall be refunded.)
      • Product composed of goods and service: Refund amount shall be calculated based on the portion of goods and service pre-determined by the Client. If the Client did not indicate the proportion between goods and service, the composition of 30% goods and 70% service will be the default proportion.

Exhibit 3. Experts

Terms for using Experts are as follows:

  1. ① “Project” shall mean a unit of work, which the Client needs for their business operations, and hires the Partner to perform such work.
  2. ② “Deliverable” shall mean the results of the work that the Partner delivers/provides to the Client as a result of implementing the project.
  3. ③ A Partner can check for projects disclosed by Clients through the features provided by us and present their terms and propose a transaction.
  4. ④ We may recommend a Project to a Partner through email or other means, and the Partner shall notify us if the Project can be carried.
  5. ⑤ If a Partner accepts a Project or confirms a transaction based on the proposal, the Partner shall enter into a contract, which set-forth the contract period, contract price, delivery dates, standards, and specifications, with the Client directly.
  6. ⑥ A Partner shall ensure that the contract with the Client does not contain any unfair clauses, and abides by the contract in good faith.
  7. ⑦ The Partner shall track the history of meetings and agreements using the history feature in the Experts service category. Please be aware that both the Partner and Client may have accesses to the history at any time, and this may play a critical role in potential disputes.
  8. ⑧ Sales proceeds are paid to Partners through the payment system provided by us.
  9. ⑨ If a Partner has to refund the payment due to termination or modification of an agreement, the Partner shall directly contact and arrange an agreement with the Client as a principle. However any fees arising from the transaction that is already paid to Cafe24 shall not be refunded.
  10. ⑩ Refunds shall be as follows, but a Partner may implement their own refund policy in lieu of the following:
    1. 1. If the deliverable is different from what was agreed with the Client;
    2. 2. If payment was processed twice due to a system error;
    3. 3. If the deliverable cannot be used due to defects; or
    4. 4. If the Project is canceled or suspended (the refund amount shall be agreed upon between the Partner and Client)
    5. 5. If the Partner fails to deliver the deliverables due to reasons atrributable to the Partner.

Exhibit 4. Recipe

Terms for using Recipe are as follows:

  1. ① “Channel” shall mean a program that is developed and sold by a Partner so that recipe users can combine recipes.
  2. ② “Trigger” shall mean a condition for an action.
  3. ③ “Action” shall mean an execution value when a trigger is achieved.
  4. ④ A Partner can incorporate one or more triggers and actions to develop one or more Channels.
  5. ⑤ A Partner may install the Channel onto their own online store for the purpose of testing it.
  6. ⑥ Refunds shall be as follows, but a Partner may implement their own refund policy in lieu of the following:
    1. 1. If the deliverable is different from what was agreed with the Client;
    2. 2. If payment was processed twice due to a system error;
    3. 3. If the deliverable cannot be used due to defects; or
    4. 4. If the Partner fails to deliver the deliverables due to reasons atrributable to the Partner.